Web Design

Responsive websites from an Award-Winning designer based in Devon.

Freelance Designer based in Torquay, Devon, I am a creative making a difference providing web design for start-ups, small/medium businesses, charities and bloggers.

When your entire occupation is based around making things look good I prefer to work on projects that I know will make a positive difference to lots of people’s lives.

What's Included?

These are general services that I offer and most people need when designing a website with me. Please refer to your quote for a full list of what you are getting.

Bespoke Web Design
Created by an award-winning designer

Custom Domain Name
www.eyebrowsam.com, for example

Hosting & Security (SSL)
Space on to keep your website online

Email Accounts
hello@eyebrowsam.com, for example

Amendments and Maintenance
Charged Annually

Combine with Another Service
Want it branded/animated/illustrated?

What style of website do I need?

The best way to find out is to contact me, however, these are the main categories of website that you will encounter. Sometimes, websites will incorporate elements of two or three different categories.

Brochure-Style Websites

The go-to product for most businesses. These are websites with a range of functions, such as generating leads, advertising products, services or places. This sort of website works well for anyone wanting an online presence without any form of sale through it. i.e my website!

One Page Sites

A cost effective way of getting online, perfect for advertising contact details and general business info. Simple but effective, these sites work best for businesses that trade in person, i.e. A Coffee Shop: a great place to show opening hours, special offers and contact details.


A type of website that everyone knows about, these were primarily made with blogging sites such as tumblr or blogger, but with the rise of instagram and the very-powerful wordpress, there is a much greater demand for more professional, custom blogs, to show off the photographs and provide further reading material, i.e Happy Skin Kitchen, designed by me!


Shop websites require the most maintenance and time. Unfortunately due to the nature of the beast, I do not provide this type of website from scratch, as I am unable to manage shops by myself in the way that they should be. Instead, I have worked with clients in the past on building platforms such as squarespace to create their stores, as it can then be managed at their end with the support of the provider and their software.

Why you should invest in a Designed Website

Spot the difference

Professionally Designed Website

Your Logo


Show yourself, loud and proud

The beauty of a designed site is that it is bespoke, it is consistent, in-keeping with your brand and most importantly, has your goals in mind.

I always design to a professionally made brief that will identify your personal goals for the site, ensuring it is always relevant.

Websites have become a must for most, if not all businesses and charities, so it is best to stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed website, rather than a template from wix.com

Fully Responsive on Tablet

... and Mobile

A Template

No Logo

Horrid Fontz

outdated design

The issue with website templates is that they don’t have YOU in mind. Everyone has their own requirements for what they want their website to achieve, and a template cannot do all of those things.

Once you have used a template website design, it is also very tricky to get away from, unlike a custom designed site that can be picked up, tweaked or completely redesigned, saving you money in the long run.

Rarely Responsive on Tablet

... nor Mobile