Finding the way for The House

The House is an independent study and show space for performing arts in Plymouth, Devon. A beautifully designed building is not always the most practical- in this case, it was primarily due to a lack of signage. This book demonstrates scope for that signage in some interesting and sustainable ways.

The House serves as a performance space for both students of Plymouth University and the general public; with this in mind, the branding of signage had to be loosely in-keeping with the Plymouth brand guidelines but of it’s own unique spin.

I came up with a range of solutions that all served their own advantages: some were able to be removed and remade to save on plastic, others would be directly applied to the wall.

You can lose yourself in there, in a good way

The House

The angular, acrylic designs were inspired by the spectacular angles to be seen within the building which supersede the material, an unprovoked oak- true and natural.

I wanted to demonstrate the creativity and flair of the acts that use the facilities, while staying true to the architects initial intentions with the design.

Other Projects

Pylon Poets

Branding and Illustration for Alternative Rock band Pylon Poets. Exploration into consciousness and the human mind for their logo design and album artwork.

Shoreline Properties

European real estate for UK buyers, Shoreline needed a website to exhibit their finest properties from Spain. Unlike all others on the market, the aim was to be minimal but luxurious in both aesthetic and function.

Happy Skin Kitchen

The design for the Happy Skin Kitchen website had the very origin of the blog in mind, elegant but simple and honest.