Pylon Poets: Sound, Image & Meaning

The brief for band Pylon Poets is often free for me to explore my creativity and interpretation of their sound and lyrics. Following their previous branding as The Stone Angels, we created a new identity for the Torquay-based trio as the Pylon Poets to run parallel to their new and exciting music. 

Working with Pylon Poets has been one the most rewarding design experiences of my career, as it is in response to their music, much like the way Wassily Kandinsky responded to music, without the colours flying around my consciousness. Listen to what Sam McIver and the rest of the band had to say about their experiences with me:

“We were fortunate enough to work with Sam and each piece of artwork he has created for us relates to the lyrical content throughout our discography. For our debut album we all agreed upon a small concept and that concept was the fragility of the human mind.”

...some of the best artwork we have seen in years. He gets us as a band

Pylon Poets

“This is our personal favourite piece of art Sam has done for us. It takes on the essence of tracks “Take Me” and “Come Alive” and it’s rather self explanatory once you see the image. Time is relative in every aspect of life and what we do and the fact the clock face is visible in a burning sky (which is taken directly from our lyrics) has a lot of detail about the songs.”

The design for the Pylon Poets replicates the hypnotic effects that artist Bridget Riley induces with her work, while the logotype pays homage to hieroglyphs and the very beginning of human existence.

The aim with this project was to simply put forward the ideas being portrayed musically by the band.

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