To Reminisce: Living Memories

Accompanied by an interactive DVD, the Living Memories guides were designed for elderly people in long-term care, to spur positive, nostalgic memories and feelings via the use of both footage and discussion. The guides serve as a starting point and exercise book for the DVD.

Living Memories was a particularly meaningful project for me as my great grandmother suffered with dementia, so I firsthand saw the effects of this and how difficult things became for her. The design was inspired by her era and the beautiful illustrations for Ladybird Books.

Accessibility was kept in mind throughout the project, as many patients will be visually impaired- resulting in a larger font size than you would see in magazines, for example. The majority of the content was thought-spurring questions, hence the use of a two column grid, to compliment this and keep it uniform throughout and aid the overall readability.

Bringing the past to life for older people, using archive film

Living Memories

The DVD utilises archive films from the 50’s & 60’s displaying everyday scenes as well as entertainment, products and general trivia from that era.

Ladybird books primarily influenced the colour scheme and use of Gill Sans, as the two design elements fit nicely with the era and general nostalgic feel of the whole piece.

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