It can be hard finding someone to create images for that really understands you and your brand. Extend your brand further with considered images catered to your needs.

It’s the old cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words. The saying is true, with tech users spending a good amount of their time looking at visual content- from instagram pictures to youtube videos.

Increase engagement with your most important stakeholder in a stylish and modern way.

Illustration Styles

Vast in style, digital illustrations are often the perfect solution to conveying the right message through imagery. As an artist living in Torquay, Devon, often the demand for this exists outside of the county but for many businesses and charities within it they are left unsure where to look for such services.

Vector Illustration

The most popular style of illustration at the moment due to it’s flexibility: you can stretch it to any size and it won’t lose clarity, much like the logos I design.

Photographic Illustration

Utilising my adept skills in Photoshop, I can create any scene using a series of photographs that are blended together, either in a realistic or abstract way. I have been known to make compositions using over forty different images!

Physical Illustration

Back to traditional methods for that authentic look, this is where I found my creative side. I can draw, paint or collage for any style that you need.

Typographic Illustration

As mentioned before, a picture can tell 1000 words, but sometimes, a picture can be a thousand words. Personally I take a lot of inspiration from Alan Kitching and Herb Lubalin.

Album Artwork for Musicians & Bands

I have worked with bands in Torbay for over five years now, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals. Eyebrow Samuel can create artwork for digital use such as Spotify and Apple Music and also artwork to be printed for CD’s, cassettes and vinyls. I can also create posters and other promotional materials for your band.