Graphic Design

Branding and Design for both print & digital by a fully-qualified designer with a specialism in brand identity and typography

Design should raise eyebrows. Anyone can make an image, that is the beauty of art, it is universal. Whether that image is appropriate for a business or charity, separates design from art. I am an award-winning designer with a degree in branding and typography, but I am also an artist that loves to embrace other people’s ideas, so let’s work together on something beautiful.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Strong branding is more important now than it has ever been, with the freedom of the internet, people are difficult to convince, and with the rise of social media, even more difficult to surprise. Branding is not just important in cities anymore, it surrounds us, from my hometown of Torquay, Devon, all the way to Torquay in Victoria, Australia.


The core of any business or charity, this is the way you are portrayed to any stakeholder, from your flyers to Facebook posts, business cards to billboards: this is your profile picture for the entire world. Branding goes way beyound your logo, it is your fonts, specific colours, tone of voice, even your materials. Fortunately for you, this is what I have studied and practised since my teens. Feel free to ask me any questions about this via my contact page.

Logo Design

Logo design serves as device for your brand. It is the integral mark, sometimes designed before your brand identity, sometimes after. It is a part of graphic design that everyone is familiar with, hundreds of logos are consumed by us visually everyday, they are unavoidable and memorable (at least the good ones are). Visit my portfolio page for full examples of my logos, below are various marks for you to take a look at.

Branding in Practice

For start-up businesses, branding yourself can present the biggest headache- especially if you have no ideas or inspiration. In this instance, it is best to hire a graphic designer. Sometimes, existing brands with client bases get a bit lost, normally this is due to inconsistency and just needs reeling back in and refining. For times like these, hire a graphic designer. Businesses and entrepreneurs change directions all time to better suit the current market, in these situations, I would recommend hiring a graphic designer.

Design for Print and signs

Print has taken a bit of a hit since the computers have become mainstream- but it is on the rise again! With the internet so accessible nothing looks more legitimate than a well-designed, branded piece of print. With my skills in typography and image making, I can design print and signage for any size, purpose and audience. I am one of few in Torquay that can design for print professionally and creatively.


With everything having a digital option, it looks great to have a printed, tactile advert to draw in customers, new employees or supporters. Turn your idea into reality with a professionally designed poster, flyer or brochure to advertise your services, products or cause. In Torbay, many sectors in business are not saturated, meaning adverts of any kind are likely to bring in customers if they are attractive offers that look professional too.

Business Cards

Make your mark. Nothing is quite like that established feeling you get after receiving your first business card. With cheap designs that are not bespoke readily available from printers like, it is vital that your brand remains untarnished by having a bespoke business card designed professionally for you.

Posters & Flyers

Posters and flyers are great advertising for events and offers when they are done right. Eyebrow Samuel can design posters and flyers for any occasion and usage to make sure you are noticed and taken seriously (or not depending on what it is). There is nothing like a professional, beautiful poster that follows the rules of composition and has considered images, palettes and fonts.

Books & Magazines

Bound books come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses. I have the appropriate skills to create bespoke corporate documents but equally more fluid brochures, catalogues or magazines to provide people with the information they need.

Large Format & Signage

Eyebrow Samuel can design for any size- just give me a brief and the measurements and I will do the rest!

Digital Design

The majority of utilised information is viewed on a screen and there are several ways of providing the service you need to in a digital way.

Design for Social Media

Though I am not a marketer, I am a keen image maker; for social platforms such as Instagram, this is a very strong asset. I have created Media Kits for bloggers, animated videos, instagram stories and Facebook cover photos. Whatever you need for your social media, I have you covered. For more information and images, check out my case study for very popular food blogger Happy Skin Kitchen.

Design for Web

If you have a developer in mind and would not like to use myself for the web development aspect, I can provide full web designs including the UI (user interface) and full UX (user experience). It may even be a simple set of links you use for Instagram.


For a full rundown please see my animations page. Whether it is a short GIF to give your logo a new dimension, a subtitled video for Facebook or animated typography, animations give you a competitive edge and better engagement.