This service is not just for film-makers, with moving image playing a vital part in social media it has become a vital tool to market to your audience.

What better way to advertise what I can do by showing it all in animation itself? Even simple moving typography as shown in this case can be very effective and interesting. Take your brand to the next level.

Animation & Moving Image

Strong branding is more important now than it has ever been, with the freedom of the internet, people are difficult to convince, and with the rise of social media, even more difficult to surprise. Branding is not just important in cities anymore, it surrounds us, from my hometown of Torquay, Devon, all the way to Torquay in Victoria, Australia.

Social Media Videos

Show everything you need to in the shortest amount of time and who knows, if the cause is great (or funny) enough it might go viral!

Brand Idents

Do you want a sexy intro for your videos? Everyone does! Show off your brand like the big boys and bring the entire thing to life.

Video Composing

Often people have lots of different bits of footage but are not sure how to put them together. I can compose adverts that bring this all together with some powerful typography.

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