design should to
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design should
raise eyebrows

Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Illustrator

Samuel Murray

What makes great design? That is a tough question, and the answer to that question is subjective. The more appropriate question is what makes design great for you.

As a designer, spectacular design for me is those undiscovered masterpieces that pass you in your everyday routine- they make you stop; more importantly they make you think. That is what I strive for, better considered design that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Shall I make a font called Comic Sams? Or Sam's Serif?

What can ES do?

I am very much a multi-faceted designer, my curiosity stems from fine art meaning experimentation and learning is in-built, resulting in a wide range of skills I have spent a long time learning, and the development still continues.

I create designs based on the needs of the brief, not based on my personal preferences: this ensures all of my projects are authentic and bespoke- which is becoming all the more difficult to find.

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More About
Samuel Murray

Graphic Designer from Torquay, Devon, UK

I was born in Torquay, Devon, UK. I currently work in Newton Abbot, Devon as a professional Graphic & Web Designer, Illustrator and Artist.

My fantastic sister gave me pointers on sketching at around age 8; I then went on to study fine-art and photography all the way up to A-level. Curious to dip into different creative fields, I completed an art & design foundation diploma and along the way, found my passion for graphic design & digital processes.

I was awarded Gold by the Royal Academy of Arts at age 15.

I then completed a degree in Graphic Communication with Typography at the University of Plymouth. Two weeks before finishing, I secured the start of my professional career.

I now work as a professional freelance designer, working with clients all around the country, including London, Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Bristol.

I am also a Master’s student at Plymouth College of Art, researching how people respond to Art and Design.

If you'd like to collaborate or just simply want advice, I'm always happy to chat.