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Graphic Designer,
Web Designer & Illustrator

I aim to combat social and cultural issues through the power of design. From local businesses to mental health charities and Instagram influencers, I support social change for the better.

Design should
Raise Eyebrows

Samuel Murray

Designer based in Devon,
South-West England

Samuel Murray is a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator from Torquay in Devon.

The name Eyebrow Samuel came from a university nickname, from many students called Sam, his eyebrows are what made him stand out.

Bouncing off this pseudo-name, Samuel recognised this action that people do without question, when they are surprised by something. This is the core of design, and for Sam, something that happens as a result of a well-considered visual solution.

logos branding print websites illustration animation editing mockups retouching editing curation app design ?

It's my speciality!

film photoshoots app development ?

No, but I may have a better idea!